In The Meantime...

Hey Cinnalooneys! 


I have started quite a few personal projects since our last collection launch. A few of them being personalized blankets for my family and friends. 

A while ago I made a really fuzzy, warm blanket for my Nana out of the thick blanket yarn that a lot of people use for arm knitting (it was a trend for a while but I'm not sure if it still is..?). Well my mom saw it and almost stole it... So now I am working on one for her. Let me paint the picture, as I was walking through Michael's trying to find more giant yarn and faux fur yarn I settled on some regular blanket yarn, since the giant stuff didn't have many options, and my mom picked out her favorite color and that was that. However, as Michael's does, we walked a little further and in the aisle there was a display of crushed velvet baby yarn. Now, when I tell you that this is the softest thing I have ever felt, it is no exaggeration. It is probably the most delightful material I have ever worked with and I am so excited to finish that blanket and put some faux fur all the way around. Also, since she already picked out the fuzzy blanket yarn, she got both... So now I have to make two blankets for my mom... But alas, why else did I learn how to crochet if it wasn't to make things for my family?

Another project I am working on is for my niece who is about to turn 17 (um... what?!) at the end of the month. A long time ago I was going to start working on a doll for her a long time ago because she has always LOVED the movie Coraline, so naturally she has always wanted a Coraline doll like the one that Coraline has in the movie. Candidly, I am terrified of amigurumi... I have dabbled a bit making a few small keychain sized animals and one fuzzy teddy bear for a friend's new baby, but all of those things didn't require perfect precision (the teddy bear may have had a bit of a lazy eye...). This Coraline doll has to be absolute perfection. Will she love it no matter what it looks like? Of course! But that's just not the point ya know? So I am trying to get over my fear slowly and steadily doing just one or two rows at a time. Did I also mention that I couldn't find a pattern that suited me? So I am essentially winging it... I'll let you know the results once it is done.

Anyway, while I am thinking of some fall ideas for the next launch (crocheted pumpkins with cinnamon stick stems anyone?), I will hopefully be completing some of these personal projects so I can check them off my list. 

Stay tuned for the results!

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