About Us

     First, let me introduce myself, my name is Michelle Mauro and I am the owner of CinnaLuna Boutique! Wow, what a journey I've had to get to the point of having my own website! I used to sell on Etsy and go to the occasional craft fair to sell my handmade goods, but I thought it was time to begin this journey on my own with my own website that I could create to truly represent me. With the help of my sister (because I know nothing of computers and am generally technologically impaired) this website has become a reality. You might be saying "CinnaLuna? what an odd name and what's with the random capital L in the middle?" Well, my sister actually came up with the name by combining the names of my two dogs, a Jack Russell Terrier named Cinnamon and a black Labrador Retriever named Luna. My dogs are my whole world and so I thought it was a perfect fit to name my business after them. Sadly, I lost Cinnamon in August of 2021, but her memory will forever live on here at CinnaLuna Boutique. 

    Starting from the beginning, I learned how to knit when I was around eight years old when my mom bought me one of those child craft kits that comes with the yarn and needles and tells you exactly how to do the project. Luckily for me, my mom knew how to knit and could teach me because, let's be honest, those instruction booklets in knitting craft kits are very confusing for an eight year old. The first project that I ever started working on was a scarf which, to this day, is still unfinished. Some people might think that knitting is easier than crochet, but I beg to differ.

     Since knitting didn't seem to be my strong suit (see one unfinished scarf) my mom thought she should teach me how to crochet. She was making a blanket for me, as she had done for my two older siblings in the past, and I was fascinated by the way she just looped the yarn around a hook and it magically made a stitch. Thus, my love of crochet began which led to many different (completed) projects. I've really grown as a crocheter and as you can see, on this new fancy website, I've come a long way from just making the occasional scarf and/or blanket for family members and friends. 

    The jewelry on this website is handcrafted by my lovely sister who, on a whim (Pinterest is a devilish thing), decided to begin making wire weave pendants. Much like my addiction to yarn, buying beads and wire are her addiction and she has buckets of beads and spools of wire just waiting to be turned into her next masterpiece. It's amazing how fast she picked up this craft and the perfection she has exhibited from day one is incredible. The pendants she has made (among many other jewelry pieces found here) are breathtaking and true works of art. I figured that since we both weave (just different mediums), we should take the leap together.

   We are beyond excited to begin this journey and I'm hoping that it will take us to many new places. Please have a look around and contact us if you have any questions!