Spring Has Sprung... Almost

Hey CinnaLooneys!

Is that a good name to call my readers? If you hate it you'll have to let me know because I love it, so... If nobody tells me then I'm just going to keep it. 

All of the beautiful flower blossoms popping up have given me so much inspiration to start crafting with pastels! I think for this upcoming collection I will have more floral items for our coffee cozies and potholders but maybe some new stuff too... you must come back to check them out when they're live! Unless you're reading this in the future, in which case, hello future you! I don't know what is available in our store... I can't currently see the future. Currently? Will I someday be able to see the future? We're getting off topic...

With Easter just around the corner I think I need to have some items with bunnies or eggs. Maybe an Easter egg potholder with a little flower or bunny appliqué on it, or perhaps something a bit more “Spring”, like a flower or a cute bumblebee! I have been searching but I haven't found any great patterns yet, so I might have to play around and try to create my own. Would anyone be interested in buying crochet patterns if I made them?

In any case, I hope everyone is having a fantastic season thus far (even though spring hasn't technically "sprung" until March 19th). I am definitely enjoying the season. I have been baking, taking hot pans out of the oven with my amazing potholders so that I don't burn my hands, (go check them out *winkwink*) and I’m loving all the new recipes I’m discovering! Baking has always been a hobby of mine and I have dreams of one day owning a bakery/diner/boutique. (I have big dreams okay?) Maybe one day, those big dreams will all come true. 

Make sure you check out the next blog when I actually have a spring collection to talk about...

Until next time, stay crafty!

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