Wait...what year is it?

Hey there Cinnalooneys!

What has everyone been up to recently? It definitely has been way too long since I've given you any sort of update, but here we go in the new year. 

First things first, we have a newsletter now! Of course that requires me to write news... but hey, I'm working on it! We will likely be sending these out every month or as a way to let all you cinnalooneys know when we have some new items. If you're interested in being the first to know about shop updates and item updates, then make sure that you sign up for the newsletter!

Let's talk about some things from last year and what I wish to happen this year. I was able to attend two craft fairs at the end of 2020. They were perfectly socially distanced and almost everyone was wearing a mask to make sure that we all were being as safe as possible! What a success! It was so amazing to see so many people supporting local businesses during this pandemic. I'm really hoping that this year I will be able to join the Snohomish or Lake Stevens Farmers market and see all of your lovely faces each week! 

As for now, I will be working on a few more items for spring and a couple personal items for valentines day. I can't talk about them now, but when they're done you will be updated (you'll be updated even faster if you sign up for our newsletter... *winks*).

That's all I can think of for now,
Stay crafty!

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